Hiking routes

For those who want to walk their own way, the tourist office has some publications with information about different hiking routes. The different types of paths -gran recorrido (GR) and pequeño recorrido (PR)- allow to recognise the variety of products and nautral resources of our geography. In fact, these routes are interesting regarding to the landscape, nature, geology, history and ethnography of Deba and its surroundings. You will find some proposals below:


Flysch tour: Zumaia - Deba (GR-121)

Deba - Lastur - Itziar - Deba (PR GI-44)

Lastur - Gaintxipi - Aitolagain - Otzarreta - Lastur (PR GI-46)

Saint James Way - The Northern Way

Geo Routes of the Geopark


Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking is a form of walking that includes not only the action of the legs as in the normal way, but also the upper body. It consists of walking with two specialized sticks that are designed only for this modality.

It is a new movement for the body; it is pleasant and very effective and it acts lightly but effectively, improving muscle strength, cardiovascular system, coordination and movility.

This area is appropriate for practicing Nordic Walking and the Nordic Walking Centre of Deba offers five routes of different levels.



The main characteristic of the region are its landscapes, in which the blue of the coast and the intense green of its mountains inland contrast and, at the same time, merge with each other, providing a real surprise for the visitor. On the coast, the routes take the visitor close to a string of beaches, coves and cliffs, including unique geological formations known as Flysch, considered to be one of the most important of its kind in the world. In addition, in the region of Debabarrena there are many monuments and places of great historical and cultural interest.

MTB Centre Debabarrena (Temporarily closed)

The MTB Center has 15 mountain bike routes well signalized while we discover the forests, rivers, cliffs and beaches of this region. Most of them are difficult or very difficult and they are signalized by red and black colours, respectively. However, families and people who want to enjoy easier routes (green and blue ones) can find itineraries to their liking on the coast and close to the Welcome Point. This is located in the sports centre of Mintxeta, in Elgoibar.