Archaeological heritage


Deba's municipal district has around 50 caves, charns and prehistoric sites in the mountains belonging to karstic Izarraitz massif. Ekain cave is one of its valleys, Sastarrain Valley, in the Endoia neigbhourhood.

The cave was discovered in 1969. Its cave paintings (15.000-12.000BC) are jewel of Franco-Cantabrian parietal art from the Magadalenian period and are considered to be among the beste in Europe, together with the paintings in Lascaux, Niaux and Altamira caves.

There are over 70 figures, of which the most beautiful and numerous are horses. The rest are bears, bison, a deer, a little goat and a salmon.

The paintings are in good condition but the cave is closed to the public so they will not be spoiled. an exact replica of the cave is built close to the original cave, so the public can know and admire the paintings.