Walking routes

For those who want to walk their own way, the tourist office has some leaflets with information about different hiking/walking routes. On a selection of walking trails we see the great variety of products and natural resources in our municipality. In fact, in terms of landscape, nature, geology, history and ethnography, Deba offers many tours of different levels: the Saint James Way, routes for Nordic Walking, Geo routes of Geoparkea and some proposals you will find below. Whichever you may choose, do not forget to respect the environment. Remember these guidelines and take them into account!

Flysch tour

Debako bira

Karst tour

The cliffs of Sakoneta

The viewpoint of Elorriaga

Black flysch

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a form of walking that includes not only the action of the legs as in the normal way, but also the upper body. It consists of walking with two specialized sticks that are designed only for this modality.

It is a new movement for the body; it is pleasant and very effective and it acts lightly but effectively, improving muscle strength, cardiovascular system, coordination and movility.

This area is appropriate for practicing Nordic Walking and the Nordic Walking Centre of Deba offers five routes of different levels.


Dogs must always be kept on a leash. Do not light fires or drop cigarettes.
 Do not gather plants, animals, minerals or fossils: they form part of the landscape.

 You are in an area used for livestrock grazing. Close all the gates and barriers that you find on your way.

Respect our farmers' work.

 Only walk along the specially adapted trails. It is not advisable to go to the mountains alone.
 Do not leave rubbish behind or bury it. Wild camping is not allowed.

Walking routes

The prehistoric valley

The marshlands of Casacampo

Deba an the bulls

Santa Katalina